Media education plays a key role in developing students’ awareness when using electronic media and network contents. In order to foster media competence in students, the Laml Media Team provides ready-to-use teaching materials for the classroom on topics such as “cyber-bullying”, “social media”, “fake news” or “Internet-safety”. We also organize conferences and panels for students and parents on various media topics, and encourage our students in participating in mediatic or journalistic competitions.

For all these activities, the Media team offers support to individual student groups or entire classes. If you want to start your own project, you can borrow a camera and a PC in order to shoot and cut a film. Radio programs can be recorded in our own studio and you can even shoot your own presentations in front of our huge green screen!

Teachers: Judith Reicherzer, Michèle Backes, Felix Reuter, Jacques Neuberg,

Technic: Michel Schmit